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We are a custom application development company that strives to create a complete co-parenting solution. It is our ultimate goal to improve the lives of families especially the lives of children that are affected by a divorce.

“Two Hands” is the product of years of searching for the ideal solution that will reduce the stress and worries of co-parenting. This application fulfills our mission and vision that focuses on organization and communication to improve family relationships despite a divorce.

Our Vision & Mission

We would like to be recognized as the company that improves family relationships improved organization and communication between members.

Our mission is to equip parents with the best tools to be able to communicate with each other in a divorced or separated household.

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Assign activities easily

You can easily assign activities with the “Two Hands” application. No more missed baseball games, recitals, school programs, PTA meetings, reunions and holidays. You can also plan pick-ups and other travel arrangements without seeing your ex face to face with this convenient co-parenting tool.

Shared custody calendar

Rebuilding your life after a divorce could eat up most of your time and there is a possibility that you could forget your responsibilities with your kids. “Two Hands” will let you and your partner share a custody calendar and scheduling to avoid any confusion. There is no excuse for missing out on your co-parenting responsibilities and “Two Hands” will make sure that you don’t.

File storage and easy sharing

Share photos of your latest trip, store medical records, travel documents and passwords all in one safe place. “Two Hands” allows you to store hundreds of files including photos and videos and then share them instantly. No need to meet personally with your ex.

Expenses tracker

If you and your ex decide to share your kids’ expenses, it could be hard to track when you are busy every day. “Two Hands” will let you list down and track all your expenses and even prepare printed reports. There is no need to use a third party spreadsheet to create an expenses list “Two Hands” does it all.

Time tracker and expiry tracker

It’s easy to get carried away with all the things that you need to do now that you are co-parenting your kids. You could miss doctor’s appointments and even forget school pick-ups and drop offs when you are busy. “Two Hand’s” time tracker and expiry tracker will remind you and won’t let you miss a single appointment, activity or expiry date.

A Communication Hub

You will be able to reduce the he said, she said as well as the unnecessary blaming that will only create more stress. Communicate with your ex as well as other family members involved in the care of your children within “Two Hands.”, all communication is stored along with every activity done or missed. It will become easier to manage your children on your own knowing that our application can back you up.

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A short history of “Two Hands”

“Two Apps” began as an idea to help ease the worries of parents when it comes to co-parenting after a divorce or a separation. A personal experience has led the creator of the application to come up with a better solution that uses our responsive web application foremost to provide better communication and organization between divorced parties.

After years of collaborating with fellow parents and co-parents, and through the help of our designers and programmers, “Two Hands” was conceived. It has all the important features that any parent, co-parent or caregiver would ever need to deal with any kind of activity concerning children. “Two Hands” focuses on reducing the stress of parents and their children.

“Two Hands” is accessed primarily through the web which makes it easier to connect to people and manage one or two households at the same time. We have made it possible for the application to be accessed from all kinds of devices and have made it easier to understand even for someone who is not that tech savvy.

“Two Hands” launched July 25, 2018. Our team of designers and developers understand that along with constant changes in technology, the lives of families and children are also changing as well. There is no doubt that we keep abreast with life’s constant changes to provide the best service for co-parents everywhere.

Children in a divorce situation

The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry describes what happens to children during a divorce: “children will do best if they know that their mother and father will still be their parents and remain involved with them even though the marriage is ending and the parents won't live together. Long custody disputes or pressure on a child to "choose" sides can be particularly harmful for youngsters and can add to the damage of a divorce. Research shows that children do better when parents can minimize conflict and cooperate on behalf of the child.”

“Two Hands” co-parenting application follows on this principle and assists co-parents deal with all the aspect of caring for children even if they are not together any more.

Parents minimize conflicts through organizing all the events and activities that happen in their children’s lives. The application encourages cooperation and thus helps children adjust to their new life with less worry and distraction.

And even if a divorce could get tough and long custody battles seem to be the only answer, children will not be too affected and could still study and live peacefully with their supportive parents.

“Two Hands” more than just for co-parenting tasks

When “Two Hands” was conceived, it was designed to meet co-parenting needs for divorced or separated couples. However it is now clear that this could also be used for managing more than co-parenting activities.

Even couples who are not divorced may also benefit from this application with its wide range of communication and organization features. It can help parents distribute parenting activities within themselves especially if they are both running their own careers and have full-time jobs.

“Two Hands” can simplify scheduling of activities for small to large households and may also help remind parents of their children’s different activities. Children will feel more appreciated and less stressed when they know that their parents are aware of their activities and schedules.

With this newfound use of “Two Hands” it is now clear that it could work for all families and for all parenting situations. This is because no matter what kind of family and what situation there is, children still need the same things: attention, care and love. With “Two Hands” parents can care for their kids the best way possible.

Dealing with a difficult partner

Some divorces don’t end up as smooth as expected. Most often, more complicated issues such as child support, child living arrangements and co-parenting tasks often get in the way. With “Two Hands,” parents will have an easy and accessible strategy to co-parenting. Exes who run away from co-parenting responsibilities will learn from “Two Hands” that not facing up to responsibilities could have more complicated consequences.

We want to help co-parenting parents

From the time “Two Hands” was conceptualized till the time it will be finalized the company has only one goal. This is to provide the best and the most effective responsive web application co-parenting service to help children adjust to a life after a divorce or separation. Creators of the application also understand that one way to keep their creation updated is to ask users for their opinion.


The information posted is as of the date indicated and, to our knowledge, was timely and accurate when posted. We are under no obligation to update or remove outdated information other than as required by applicable law or regulation.

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The Dashboard

The dashboard makes it easy to see all your important information at a glance. Keep up to date with messages and activities posted by your co-parent and others. See your calendar and expenses. You can even customize your dashboard to show the information that's most important to you.


Keeping track of everything is hard at the best of times. Keeping a schedule as a co-parent is even harder. Two Hands makes it easier by providing a single calendar for everything on your schedule. You can share events you wish to and keep others private. You can make requests for changes right within the app. This will cut back on miscommunication and ensure that everyone knows what is happening. 


Never forget an important task again. Two Hands allows you to make lists of everything that needs to get done. You can make requests to your co-parent and others in your contact list for tasks that you need done. You can categorize your lists in anyway you like. You can check off when tasks are complete and Two Hands will keep a record so you can refer back at anytime.


Just because your children aren't with you doesn't mean that you won't be able to keep up to date on what they are up to. The journal allows co-parents and others to add photos, video and more. Did one of you have a meeting with a teacher? You can share the conversation here. Did your child say something adorable? Add it to the Journal so everyone can enjoy. Two Hands makes it easier to share anything in our simple to use shared journal.


Money and expenses are always contentious areas in any divorce. Two Hands makes these more transparent and easier to see and understand. All parties can know where money is spent and by who. It is also a great tool for budgeting. You can post payments and transfers right within the app. All transactions are dated and are easy to review later. 


At a glance everyone can see where the kids are meant to be and where they are going. No need to dispute dates and times. Keep track of everything on a daily, weekly and monthly level. Retain a full history of dates and appointments. Any caregivers can be given access, so the kids and you always know where they are and who they're with.


You can quickly and easily send messages from right within the app. No need for phone calls, emails  and texts. You can send messages to your kids, your ex or any contact in the app. You can even send a message to a group of contacts. It's never been easier to keep in contact. All messages are archived and accessible, allowing you to easily refer back to prior conversations. 


Never forget shoe sizes or bank account numbers. Create a profile and securely store all your important information. As with all everything in the Two Hands app you decide who gets access to what information. Everything you upload is securely encrypted on our servers but is easily accessible to you when you need it.


You can share photos and videos within Two Hands. All contacts can create albums and upload memories. You never have to miss out on those special times. Family members and caregivers can also be given access to the fun, funny and touching moments even if they are not there to see them. As with all parts of the Two Hands app you can control who has access and feel secure that your memories are safely stored on our servers.

Two Hands Corporation Launches Marketing Campaign For Co-Parenting APP

Nadav Elituv, CEO of Two Hands Corporation states, “the video news release delivers a unique look into the features of the App, displaying screen shots of tools parents can use to save, share and schedule events, important documents, passwords, banking and medical information, as well as upload photos, in a safe place, while reducing face-to-face interactions between co-parents.”

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